The Humberston Fitties are central to the future of Cleethorpes as a seaside resort.

The site is said to be one of heritage. It is difficult to see much evidence other than 1960s and later rebuilding.

These are holiday chalets and were developed for the tourist.

They are not for year round occupation as the one and only residence. Yet this is what NELC permits, despite recent actions to the contrary. Could the residents recent planning application be part of some agreement between them and NELC? Could NELC refusal mean an Inspector is left to take the decision instead of NELC?

Should the Fitties residents get the year round status they crave the whole of Thorpe Park comes under threat of residential development.

Neighbouring East Lindsey has earmarked Tetney for significant residential expansion in the years to come. It is likely this development will abut the Humberston boundary in a few years time.

What then the Fitties? Almost certainly an infill of residential development will occur sweeping away the present Thorpe Park.

NELC also has plans to replace the Day Chalets at the rear of the Events Arena with 'Fitties' style chalets. This can only ensure yet more claims to year round occupation. Cleethorpes is being 'localised' by stealth and the tourist economy on which it depends is being intentionally destroyed.

A Cleethorpes Town Council would bring a perspective to decision making on this important matter.